Welcome to our online community

A Special Note from Father Mark:

I would encourage everyone to – of course – be financially healthy during this pandemic. Do not spend more than you have, and be frugal. If – and this is a big “if” i realize – but IF you have the means to give to the Church please do so. You can mail your envelopes in, or give online at the diocesan website (note the how-to-do-that below). We are doing everything we can do to keep costs down, but will need some funds to pay the bills.

Please continue to chekl this page and our Parish Facebook page for more of what we are doing to stay connected during this pandemic. We will hopefully be doing even more in the near future!

I truly appreciate all that you do as parishioners of Most Holy Trinity! I look forward to the time when we are gathering again as a community in our Church!

Peace, Fr. Mark